The Primal Simplicity of Sacred Space

Posted on August 17, 2012


Verse 65:  The Loss of Innocence

In ancient times,

before there were those who were governed,

and those who governed over,

the sage blended with others,

and all was done through the Primal Simplicity.

People lived in innocence.

When the Great Fragmentation

replaced the Great Integrity,

cleverness defeated wisdom.

Even some enlightened sages

became victims of the rulers

commanding the highest intrigue.

—  Tao Te Ching

It seems that all spiritual traditions point to a time when humans lived in harmony with nature.  In this passage, Lao Tzu refers to this time of innocence as the a time of the Great Integrity.

Most of us today can relate to the Great Fragmentation.   Cleverness seems to defeat wisdom all around us.  There seems to be a general lack of appreciation for innocence in much of the competitive culture of our times.

There are antidotes to the Great Fragmentation.  One of them is taking the time to create encounters with sacred space.

Sacred space returns us to the primal simplicity and the Great Integrity.

Daily Contemplation:

Are you allowing the simplicity of sacred space to guide you to wisdom and integrity?

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