This We Know

Posted on August 16, 2012


Contemplating the earth we have encountered in our time at our current home

This we know the earth does not belong to us,

we belong to the earth.

This we know,

all things are connected.

Chief Seattle

For the last fourteen years, we have watched the earth around our home blossom and change.  The roots of this pear tree at one point separated into parallel branches growing tall into the sky.

We didn’t notice the splitting of one branch into two or the day-to-day growth that looks miraculous when we look back at pictures of this same tree over a decade ago.

It’s often when we are leaving a place that we can see it clearly.  Is there any piece of earth which you see everyday that has grown so familiar that you take it for granted?

In our modern life, we seem to have our priorities backwards.  We fight to “own” our piece of the earth and property, rather than asking:

What would the earth have me do in the short span of time that I am here?

I happen to think tending gardens, especially with children is one of the great things we can do to remember our connection to the earth.  For all my life, I will be grateful to my mother for introducing me to the life of plants and trees.  It is ultimately because of her that I took the time to plant gardens at the home we are now leaving.  Planting those trees and gardens was one of the best uses of my time in the last decade.

How about you?

Daily Contemplation:

In what way has belonging to the earth, changed your perspective on your life and maybe even today?

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