Saying Goodbye to Sacred Space

Posted on August 14, 2012


We planted this pine tree when my oldest son Alex was a toddler, and the tree was shorter than he was. Now, the tree seems about 20 feet tall. A green friend that we’ll miss when we move.

We now have the closing date for our new house, and assuming all goes well, we will be living in our new home in early September.

The choice to move was a difficult one.

For a long while, I had the idea that my kids would only live in one home during their childhoods and I didn’t want to let go of this place.

There came a point earlier this year when I realized that a move was necessary for our family. Then a period of searching for a new sacred space, making an offer and waiting ensued.

Right now, we’re at the stage of remembering the great memories we had in this house.  My oldest son Alex and I have lived in this location for almost 14 years, and my youngest son has lived here all ten years of his life.  My kids are feeling this change more keenly than me because this is their first real move from home.

Fortunately, we’re only moving a few blocks over from here to a nicer house that will also accommodate my mother’s needs when she visits us.  We were blessed to find it.

I’ve always appreciated the sacredness of space, so I’ve been working on creating some rituals for a few months so that we can say goodbye to a space that was sacred to us for many years, and prepare this house for new owners who I hope will love this place as much as we did.

Tomorrow, I’ll share one of those ways of honoring this space and bringing the love into our new home.

Daily contemplation:

Do you have any rituals or ways you say goodbye to a space or place that has meant a great deal to you in your life?

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