Misty In-Between Times

A misty day (August 2012)

The weather has been helping us appreciate the space around our home today.  Some welcome rain finally returned the greenness to our yard and brought a misty feel to our day.

The weather perfectly reflected an in-between time before my kids return to school last week.  The last week of summer vacation for my boys always feel bittersweet.

We’re also in an in-between time preparing to move to a new home very soon.  And of course, the Olympics have ended.

So for this rainy summer vacation day, we decided to have a movie marathon, and had a great time.

Daily Contemplation:

What do you do with your rainy days or in-between times?

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11 thoughts on “Misty In-Between Times

    • Karen Wan says:

      I love to drink a cup of tea when it rains too. We need much more rain in most parts of this country it seems. Here’s too more rain for all of us who need it! :)

    • Karen Wan says:

      Yes, we’re back! I took a bit of hiatus from posting then. It was a refreshing time. I’m so glad it rained yesterday, we really needed it, and could use some more. It’s back to sunshine today, so I probably won’t be seeing my boys again for a few days as long as they can play outside with their friends! :)

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