Running on Half Power

Posted on August 9, 2012


Beauty in hidden places- Mammoth Cave, Kentucky – 2012

When we returned from a wonderful vacation to the Appalachians this last weekend, we came home to a surprise.  The sacred space of our home had only half the power that it normally does because of powerful winds from a thunderstorm that we had thankfully missed while driving home.  It was 9pm and dark and very hot when we arrived home, and I wasn’t exactly thrilled to arrive home to this problem.

I had never had half of the power go out before.  Unfortunately, it was the half of the power that controlled air conditioning and the refrigerator. It ended up taking a day and a half for the power to come back again.

Running on half power was an interesting metaphor to consider in the context of enchanted journeys and sacred space.  Here are some of the insights that came to me that might resonate with you as well:

  1. We have come to believe and expect that certain conditions need to be in place to consider a space to sacred or enchanted.  Sometimes we need reminders for how enchanted the world still remains without our modern conveniences.
  2. Often after we complete an enchanted journey or project or big accomplishment in our life, we are running on half power for a while, and need to give ourselves permission to slow down.
  3. When we try to speed up my life too much, sometimes impediments beyond our control can come into out path.  They seem to be there to help us discover different types of enchantment and sacred space.

For our family, it seemed like the universe wanted us to slow down a bit more before we returned to regular life.  We ended up spending another night in a local hotel and swimming in a pool for another day.  When our power was not working, a local Hampton Inn was sacred space for us.

We can choose enchantment and find sacred space when delays, illness, power outages, and the vast array of frustrations in life force us to change our plans, sometimes in uncomfortable ways.

Daily Contemplation:

Is there any place in your life where running on half power is actually a blessing for you, perhaps leading you to find or create a new kind of sacred space?

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