The Enchantment of Turning 50 in the Smoky Mountains

Posted on August 2, 2012


Hiking in the Smoky Mountains on a very hot day in August!


When I was young,my visions of life did not extend beyond my forties.  I just couldn’t imagine how I would feel now.  I would certainly have not predicted that I would spend my 50th birthday in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with my family hiking and swimming. I wasn’t much of a naturalist back then.

For a variety of reasons, I decided to start what I hope is the next half of my life in the Smoky Mountains at the Riverstone Resort and Spa.  It has been glorious, which is why the Daily Muse hasn’t been so daily this week!

The truth is I feel younger now than I did in my thirties, and I have a feeling that the rest of my life will be as exciting as I choose to make it.

What about this time in your life?

Could you have predicted that you would have been at this enchanted place in your life’s journey?

Daily Contemplation:

Cataract Falls near Sugarland Visitors Center

What are you doing to make this time of your life the best ever?Can you see any places where your life is enchanting in different ways than you could have predicted when you were younger?

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