A New Path Forward

a new path forward (this one is near Midway Kentucky)

One of the great things about being on a road trip is despite any challenges you might encounter, you always discover a new path forward towards your destination.  We’ve already encountered a detour or two on our trip, but when you’ve been on a few longer trips, you come to expect these things.

It’s the same in life.  There is always a new path forward.

Sometimes, the new path is a continuation from the path we’re already on.

Sometimes, the new path takes us to a completely foreign landscape.

The Enchanted Oasis in life always beckons us to embrace the new path one step at a time.

Daily Contemplation:

What is your next step, big or small, that leads to your new path forward?

6 thoughts on “A New Path Forward

  1. thehealthywarrior says:

    My e-books on healthy living and children’s issues should be published soon.. I’m excited that the books are finally written…now I only need to publish and promote them. I suppose I’ve been dragging my feet on this.

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