Avoiding the Menacing Detours in our Enchanted Journeys

English: Montecito Tea Fire, in Santa Barbara,...

English: Montecito Tea Fire, in Santa Barbara, CA Español: Incendio de Montecito Tea, en Santa Bárbara, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are starting off on our summer road trip adventure into Appalachia today.

I’ve found that in every exciting journey, there is some challenge that arises that feels insurmountable or too tough to know how to handle.

Sometimes these challenges happen before the trip, and you wonder how you’ll ever get away for the vacation.

This was the case yesterday.  My Mother put a bid on a house going through a short sale so she could stay up here in the Chicago area part of the year back in April.  The good news is that her bid was accepted.  The bad news is now they want everything yesterday in terms of paperwork.  Wouldn’t you know that all of the approvals would come in the few days before our vacation? And require that we gather massive amounts of paperwork for the loan the day before our trip. (Maybe this is Mercury Retrograde, hard to say).

I was better organized for this trip than any before, but since I had to spend the majority of this day handling mortgage paperwork, it’s now 11pm and I’m finishing tasks I had expected to finish this morning.  The best laid plans . . . :)

My favorite story of avoiding a menacing detour on vacation happened a few years ago on one of our national park trips.  This trip was in California, and to get to our next destination, we had to drive near an area with forest fires.  (This has been a common experience on almost every summer trip.)

We had been driving for a while, and I was fairly sure our bed and breakfast was a safe distance from the fire on a lovely undisturbed mountain top where there was no smoke.  My mother did not trust want to go there, because she had a theory that fire travels up mountains.

I protested thinking we would be fine, but she was so adamant and scared of fire that I followed her desires and drove in the opposite direction of our original plan.

The more we drove in the direction my mother felt was safe, the more smoke appeared to be getting thicker.  I kept telling my mom, this can’t be good.  She kept saying the smoke is clearing.

Finally at around 10pm at night after wandering from town to town looking for a vacancy, we ended up in a low-budget motel near Montecito, which turned out to be where the worst fires were centered.

We laugh about this now, we were fighting and arguing then.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see when we’re actually moving in the wrong direction towards a menace rather than away from it.

Daily Contemplation:

Is there any place where you might be oblivious to the clear signs of menace in front of you on your enchanted journey?

Time to trust your instincts, and avoid being guided by fear (if you can:)).

My mom says the best way to enjoy your life is to find something to laugh about.  I suspect we will have more laughs this trip!

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6 thoughts on “Avoiding the Menacing Detours in our Enchanted Journeys

  1. Three Well Beings says:

    Your story of the fires and the directional challenges are at least put to very good use, Karen. What a powerful example they serve to illustrate your point that we do often have warnings, but we don’t always take the time to acknowledge them. The power of intuition! Have a wonderful trip, and congratulations to your mother on the purchase of a new mid-west home! So cool that she’ll be closer to you. Debra

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