Symbols of Enchantment

Posted on July 16, 2012


Chiron and Achilles in a fresco from Herculane...

Chiron and Achilles in a fresco from Herculaneum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we continue our theme of the Enchanted Oasis, I thought it would be fun to explore symbols of enchantment, that we find in our lives and sometimes use in our writing.

The symbols we use and encounter in our daily lives, our stories and our mythology reflect so much about our longings.

For the next several days I’ll be sharing posts about several symbols — the green man, the minotaur, Chiron, mermaids, the phoenix, ghosts and genies of jin.  These are symbols that have been meaningful to me and continue to appear in many places in our culture and its stories.

What symbols of enchantment speak most deeply to you?

As we continue to explore our inner and outer enchanted oasis, these symbols can be pathways to discover the questions that pull your life forward.