The Enchantment of Lose/Lose Situations

Posted on July 9, 2012


English: Win and Lose Lose Hill to the left is...

English: Win and Lose Lose Hill to the left is about 15 metres higher than Win Hill on the right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are people who believe there is no such thing as a lose/lose situation.  They believe we can always create a “win” out of any situation. That may be true when we use a long-term approach to life.  In the short-term  there are situations where loss is inevitable and painful.

Some of you may be in the same position that I am, and may need to honor the workings of your inner and outer Enchanted Oasis as you face lose/lose situations so you can look at the biggest definition of what it means to experience miracles in your life.

In Lose/Lose situations, Enchantment asks that we face sadness and loss head on while we allow humor and kindness to come as well. We need to make room for holding the opposites together. It’s when we try to appear happy at all times or the converse aligned with only the depressing tragedies of life that we do our soul a disservice. The inner and outer Enchanted Oasis of our life can hold opposites together in ways that our human intellect cannot comprehend, and we need to honor that unfolding.

Lose/Lose Situations

As many of you know, I’m facing a situation with our little dog Ginger that has been frustrating, up and down, requiring patience and perseverance, and also filled with numerous instances of Grace.  Undoubtedly, many of you are facing or have faced what seem like lose/lose situations.  Maybe you are in a situation that no matter what choice you make, you are going to lose something.

Maybe it’s the loss of a relationship that you need to walk away from, an investment for college or retirement that you must sell to avoid bigger losses down the line, letting go of a job that you think you need or face losing your integrity, or dealing with the loss of someone who you love through death.  Or maybe you have to lose your innocence or gullibility, realizing that there are people in the world who are violent, selfish, greedy or in some other way lacking in personal mastery.

The toughest situations we face are the ones where we feel like whatever choice we make will lead to inevitable loss, and where we can’t see the possibility of an Enchanted Oasis of any type on the horizon.

The imperative during such tough times is to act on our highest freedom to be loving, and keep in my mind that the infinite, the truest reality is bigger than our current situation.  In the moment, we often don’t know how we can possibly get through our terrible and difficult situations.  Peace can be our ally in making decisions in times like these.


Peace! (Photo credit: aldrin_muya)

Almost always in life, enchantment and miracles occur when we are willing to make the choices that are most likely to bring the greatest peace for everyone involved.

Those choices are rarely easy ones at first.  I wish I could say that they always were easy, but they are not.

You have probably seen this too in your experience that once you truly commit to whatever is the most peaceful choice, not necessarily the one you want to make, Grace always comes in to help you and situations acquire a certain flow of goodness.  Always.  It may take some time, but Grace always appears if we have eyes to see her footprint in our lives.

If you want an enchanted life, when in doubt, especially in a lose/lose situation — make choices that create the greatest peace.  As you gain more insight through the experiences of your life, keep making new steps forward with peace in mind, and you will live and create an enchanted life.

If your life feels unenchanted in some way now, ask yourself, what choices could I make that will create greater peace in my world?

May the peace that passeth understanding bless and enchant you today and always!