Hope and Acceptance

Posted on July 1, 2012


There are times when it is difficult to know whether to hold on to hope or to focus more on acceptance.

We are going through this challenge with our dog Ginger.  The test results came in today.  The good news is that she doesn’t have a tick borne disease. Unfortunately, the results point towards problems with her liver, which could be caused by a variety of things.  Depending on why she’s having liver problems, the treatment is different, so tomorrow she goes in for more tests.

Based on her current symptoms, she’s quite seriously ill.  It’s hard to know what could happen. Our veterinarian said liver problems can even spontaneously  cure themselves.

The problem is that some of her symptoms look neurological as well possibly meaning that a disease could have spread.  She was shaking again at 4am this morning, and I held her in my arms for about half an hour until she could sleep again.  I wasn’t sure she would make it through the night.  But today, she’s eating better and walking around.

It’s time like this, when it’s hard to know whether to be hopeful and think positively or be in a more Zen like  frame of mind doing all that you can and accepting whatever happens.  Death is a part of life that also needs to be embraced at times.

When I pulled a healing angel card for Ginger the other day, it came up with Divine Timing, which didn’t necessarily give me hope for her outcome.  This is one of those times when I have to trust that something bigger than myself is also at work.  We’re doing everything we can to help restore Ginger’s health, but it might not be enough.  Sometimes healing does not end up meaning curing.  That is of course, heartbreaking.

If you have cared for pets throughout your life, you know that they have shorter lives than us humans do.  It’s so important to cherish them while they are here.  And of course that applies to everyone in our lives.

Sometimes, illness helps us to take the time to cherish our loved ones more.  It’s this cherishing those we love as they are now, in this day, that seems to be the best approach to meld hope with acceptance in the wisest way.

I cherish all of you for lending us your prayers and kind thoughts in this tougher time for us.  Thank you so much.