Book Review: The Charge by Brendon Burchard

Posted on June 1, 2012


If you’re looking for some motivating ideas to try out this summer, you might like to get your hands on a copy of Brendan Burchard’s new book The Charge.

I didn’t expect to like the book very much, because I thought Burchard could be too pushy and perhaps this type of book wouldn’t be as helpful for someone like me who wants to enjoy a slower way of life, not necessarily speed up and charge.  I found myself pleasantly surprised

Burchard talked about 10 human drives —  Control, Competence, Congruence, Caring, Connection,  Change, Challenge, Creative Expression, Contribution and Consciousness.  Not sure why all his drives start with a letter c, but he manages to share innovative strategies  and inspiring stories to make you want to keep turning the page.

Here is a brief excerpt from the end of the book that doesn’t give away his ideas throughout the book, but gives you a taste for his style of writing.

The Charged Life urges us to transcend our normal ways of thinking and shift to a higher gear by better controlling the dashboard of our own consciousness.  It also challenges us to find a higher purpose and meaning in our own human experience and to rise above our own circumstance and connect with something greater than ourselves, to stretch beyond the mundane to the magical.

It’s a different kind of life, to be sure — a much more consciously designed existence.  But what else is there?  Shall we let our impulses alone control us, or shall we direct our attention and activities to a higher state of motivation, meaning, and morality?  Shall we let the world go spinning past us, or shall we use our presence to slow it down, take it in, appreciate the magic of it all?  And through each day and up to the very end, when we sense those last moments of life, shall we simply and casually wonder about the force of something beyond us, or shall we slip the bonds of our limited senses and choose to connect with and live through divine love?  The choice, as it has always been, is yours.

I ended this book (dare I say) feeling more charged.  He gave me some new strategies to live this summer and beyond with more presence and awareness.  I particularly liked his chapter on contribution.  If you’re looking for some inspiration as we move into this new season, take a look at The Charge by Brendon Burchard.