Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Part 1

Posted on May 19, 2012


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This was a day of reduce, reuse, recycle for me.  Usually, I don’t do all three at once.

Today is both electronic recycling Saturday in Aurora and free big item pick up day.

I probably should have taken pictures of some of what I was getting rid of and recycling today for this blog, but I was thinking that far ahead this morning.

Due to the work that I used to do with by-product synergy, I don’t like to throw anything away.  If at all possible, I like to give it to someone to reuse or find a way to recycle my unwanted or un-needed items.

Since,  I’m now on a quest to reduce the amount of stuff in my life before I move into a new place, I was up at 8am in line with other cars taking advantage of the opportunity to get rid of stuff like old building materials, big appliances, carpets, toys, etc. Then, it was off to the electronics recycling center and finally a third place that accepts hazardous wastes like the flourescent bulbs and batteries I had been collecting.

Re-using someone else’s trash and transforming it into treasure

When I got home, I decided that I was on a roll and painted this old dresser.  Someone was throwing it away last fall, and it was exactly the kind of piece that I wanted for storing my youngest son’s art supplies.  (Note: reducing usually means you don’t consume something in the first place, but I consider reducing the amount of stuff that I buy new to be helpful too).


Another view plus polishing up an old picture frame

I like that the dresser is not perfect and has chips on the drawers — that feels more Wabi Sabi to me. Now that it’s painted,  I know it goes perfectly with a black stained table and chairs that I purchased from Crate and Barrel many years ago.  In a few days I’ll show how they look together.It feels so good to be cleaning up in a responsible way.And it got me to thinking about ways to benefit from the reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy in our writing – Part 2 comes tomorrow.