Do You Use Evernote to Organize Your Writing?


Evernote (Photo credit: Patrick Haney)

Decided that my next Writing Your Destiny segment is about writing tools, mainly because I’ve been needing to upgrade my own.

Today, I finally overcame my inner inertia and downloaded Evernote.  I had read about this free software in a book by Tim Ferris probably a couple of years ago.  I guess I’ve been afraid of putting my information out in the cloud.  I finally came to the point yesterday realizing that I have so research on my books and scattered papers everywhere that I needed a better system of keeping track of everything.

Having started using Evernote, I think I was foolish to wait so long.  It’s a relatively easy download and intuitive to use.  I’m amazed at how much it’s already helped me to organize my work and clarify the structure of my novel.

Just curious, do any  of you use Evernote or another system to keep track of your writing?

24 thoughts on “Do You Use Evernote to Organize Your Writing?

  1. intuitiveone says:

    I would like to get my book and other writings organized.Thanks for the info. I didn’t know it existed.

  2. yogaleigh says:

    I still do everything longhand and only come to the computer to type the completed MS so I haven’t used this kind of program yet. I’ll take a look at it

  3. Writerlious says:

    I’ve been planning on buying Scrivener this summer. What’s the difference between Scrivener and Evernote? Is one superior over the other? I’ve not heard anything about Evernote before now. I’m assuming it’s similar?

    • Karen Wan says:

      Good questions. I don’t know much about either program. I’ve heard of Scrivener, but don’t know how it works. The first difference iprobably s that Evernote is free. You might want to try Evernote out, and see if you like it. Thanks for your questions — I should check out Scrivener just to see if it has any added benefits. :)

    • Karen Wan says:

      Nice to have you stop by too! :) Since I started using EverNote, I’ve been able to be much better organized and eliminate a lot of papers that I had lying around. I can definitely recommend it for organizing all kinds of things!

  4. hoping4astory says:

    Usually, organization things don’t help me because I am so disorganized by nature, but I will give it a try! Thanks for the heads up. Actually, computers have been like a miracle for me because I don’t spend so much time looking for “papers.”

  5. Roxanne Elaine says:

    Thanks for this tip about Evernote, Karen. I have a few ebooks in my head and ideas spread out throughout piles of notes and some good writing in my longhand journals–time to get organized and finally put a book together! Amazing timing for me to see this post. :)

    • Karen Wan says:

      Roxanne, I still like my long-hand journals and some piles of notes, but Evernote has helped me to pull my ideas and best work together in a much quicker way. Glad I could write something usefulf for you, with good timing! :)

  6. Lee J Tyler says:

    Great post, Karen and thanks for stopping by and following me. Scrivener is more of a writing program and if you have a mac you are very lucky to be able to use it. One of the best writing programs out there though the industry still, in most cases, sticks to Word. Evernote is great and it is key to put categories in the notes. That way you can do a search of all notes by the categories you put in. If you are writing several ebooks, just make sure, more than notebooks, to have the category the same for each project you are working on. Evernote will suggest categories you have already written in so one click and you’re done. Search and all of your notes for that category are pulled up for you. You can even do screen captures of ‘little notes’ hanging around if you don’t have a scanner. Another think is to put up ‘clearly’ which will take out all of the unnecessary ads and then put the article you want to clip with the website right in the note. Look on the left bottom for more ‘recipes’ or in the trunk which also has a blog and videos for you to watch. Evernote works on macs, pc, iphone, etc. (Sorry karen; loved the article and couldn’t help answering the comments. You are going to love Evernote. Used it for years and by the way, this isn’t affiliate marketing…but really, I should re-think that! ;)

    • Karen Wan says:

      Lee, thanks for your wonderful comments . I’m still a newbie to Evernote, but I’ve found it to be very helpful. Thanks so much for the tip on categories, since I am doing quite a bit of writing this fall! :)

  7. jaysquires says:

    Okay, Karen, you’ve got my interest. I’ve downloaded a few in the past that were too complicated and one that was free (but only if you’ve never flown on a commercial airline; if, after you download, you choose to fly on one, you are on your honor to let them know so they will discontinue your use of their writing system.) Thank you.

    • Karen Wan says:

      Jay, I hope you enjoy Evernote. I was just using Evernote this morning to take notes on a video that I was watching. There are so many ways to use it and it’s free, so that’s a plus. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following too! :) Karen

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