Do You Use Evernote to Organize Your Writing?

Posted on May 16, 2012



Evernote (Photo credit: Patrick Haney)

Decided that my next Writing Your Destiny segment is about writing tools, mainly because I’ve been needing to upgrade my own.

Today, I finally overcame my inner inertia and downloaded Evernote.  I had read about this free software in a book by Tim Ferris probably a couple of years ago.  I guess I’ve been afraid of putting my information out in the cloud.  I finally came to the point yesterday realizing that I have so research on my books and scattered papers everywhere that I needed a better system of keeping track of everything.

Having started using Evernote, I think I was foolish to wait so long.  It’s a relatively easy download and intuitive to use.  I’m amazed at how much it’s already helped me to organize my work and clarify the structure of my novel.

Just curious, do any  of you use Evernote or another system to keep track of your writing?