Lucky 7 Meme – Seven Lines From WIP

Posted on April 16, 2012


I’ve told myself that I wasn’t going to do any more blog chain letter type things.

However, last week, I was given the opportunity to participate in the Lucky 7 Meme, which seemed like a good way of recognizing creative works in progress. Thank you to Erin Pike of Writerlious for tagging me.   Take a look at what she’s written from her novel Enchanter here.

Here are the rules:

Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript

  • · Go to line 7
  • · Post on your blog the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are – no cheating
  • · Tag 7 other authors to do the same

My novel which seems to be in never-ending development, The Book of Many Names, is about a twelve-year-old boy and his nine-year old sister who travel from 7000 years in the future to modern times to save their father from a group of time manipulators called the Disrupters.   Right now on page 7, I have a  scene that I’m thinking of deleting from this book, and using in the second book, but since this is a work in progress, I’m sharing what’s there now! :)

      “You want to me to tell you a story.  Well, here’s one.  The ancient Disrupters planned for a day when they could return, and you are their means to this end.  Go, go, go, you said earlier.  This is exactly what you will do.”

      The guardian put the human’s hand on the golden crystal now within reach.  He knew that the touch of his skin upon the frail human hands would burn the nerve endings. No matter.  The old guard screamed in pain and fear as he disappeared into the mists of time. In his place, a pale skinned, dark haired man returned to the same spot.

This exercise was good because it made me admit to myself that I’ve been distracting myself from final editing of my first book, again.

I’m supposed to tag 7 writers to have them do the same.  I don’t want to make being called out a burden to anyone, because these kinds of things can be too much work if you’re busy. However, I thought this was a good opportunity to recognize some of the creative writers who motivate me with their talent and passion through their blogs.

Here is an eclectic grouping of writers that inspire me to keep working on my creative writing:

Millie Ho - she’s a multi-talented artist and writer, enjoy her poetry and prose.

MaggieMaeJustSayThis – MaggieMae writes some of the most original poetry I’ve ever read.  It’s raw, edgy and full of brilliance.

Creative Musings of Ledia Runnels - I’ve been following Ledia’s many blogs and creative projects with much interest, inspiring me to finish the first novel.  Just purchased her book from Amazon today — Legend of the Tengu Prince.

Mesayah – recently discovered this innovative Norwegian rapper who also writes poetry. You can access both his music and poetry on his site.

IsleofBooks- Shannon is not only a blossoming writer but also an excellent book reviewer from what I’ve read in her blog.

TheWitContinuum – Based on her latest post, she may not want to share any of a story with us. :) Her humor, cleverness and style motivate me to work on the lyrical aspect of my novel.

Hallid’s Weblog - One of a kind writing and artwork have a surrealist feel that reminds me of Salvador Dali collaborating with Tim Burton.