Do You Feel a New Energy in the World?

I was telling a friend the other day that the Writing Your Destiny blog is a hodge podge of articles about my journey as a writer, inspiration from my favorite writers, suggestions about personal transformation and musings about destiny.  Yet, there is one thing which feels most important to share and that is my mystical feeling that we are living in special time that is creating a powerful collective destiny.

This feeling of mine keeps growing as 2012 proceeds.  I feel a spiritual energy being sent here, which of course, is not something that can be verified as far as I can tell.  We will only know in retrospect if this time in history is as special as I believe it will be to our planet and humanity.

My connection to this energy is telling me that it is here to help us:

  • Let go of the past
  • Create a new vision of our home the earth
  • Shift into lifestyles that were never before possible to humanity
  • Learn to communicate with the soul in everything
  • Learn how to manage our individual and collective energy differently
  • Create artistic representations of our longings and desires in new ways
  • Find destiny partners, people who will work with you to make quantum leaps in your life
  • Take steps every day in the direction of the dreams that you can now access more readily
  • Trust that something bigger than ourselves infuses everything with life

Being out in nature every day is an important aspect of being able to receive the healing energies coming to us.

As you go through this year and the next several for that matter, see if you can notice a different feeling of hopefulness and clarity.  You may need to slow down your activities to feel it. If you’re too busy, you might miss this energy that can help you to uplevel your life.

This idea of a force outside of our planet bathing the earth with positive energy certainly sounds woo-woo.  However, if your highly intuitive, I suspect you have felt this energy, because many intuitive people who I know are experiencing this too.

If the weather permits, I suggest you take some time in the next few days to go outside and discover for yourself if you can feel something new coming from the universe to support us.

Tomorrow, I’ll share a bit more about what this energy feels like to me.  I’d love to hear any experiences you may have had or maybe having with this as well!

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