Saving the World through Celebrations

Posted on April 1, 2012


A few years ago, I was watching an interview with the Dalia Lama and the question came up something to the effect —  What do you think could help foster peace in the Middle East and elsewhere?

The Dalia Lama’s response was “Celebrations.  We need more celebrations.”

After this response, the interviewer looked dumbfounded, and went on to be dismissive of his answer, as he thought any reasonable person would be. I love celebrations, but even I wasn’t expecting to hear that answer from a holy man.

We often think that to save the world, we must sacrifice something, especially in the Christian tradition.  However, sometimes we forget the role of celebration in living a holy life.  Jesus didn’t stop the crowds from celebrating his arrival into Jerusalem with palm branches.  His understanding of celebration, in a sense, allows us to celebrate that day some two thousand years later every Palm Sunday.

Doing our part to save the world can seem like an overwhelming task when we look at all the problems in the world.   So, I wonder if there is a way to save the world  in the spirit of the Dalia Lama’s idea.

Here are a few ideas for consideration for this week:

  1. Could each of us do something every day to make life worth celebrating for someone else?
  2. How might you help someone else celebrate life this week?
  3. Do you allow celebrations to play a major role in your writing and writing life?

May you realize how your life is a cause for celebration this week!