Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

In the Chicago area, unusually warm weather has been causing summer like temperatures before the beginning of Spring.  It seems that the combination of 80 degree weather and sun has caused life to burst at the seams everywhere, including so many more of us going outdoors to enjoy this unusual weather.

These photos aren’t truly all that unusual except for they are probably coming about a month or so sooner than I would have expected.  The usual rule of thumb is not to plant anything until around mother’s day — May 9th.  Sadly,  it’s also unusual for bugs of all sorts to be out and about this early.  I had my first mosquito bite today.

This is actually the predicted weather for climate change in the Chicago area.  As much as I care about the earth, I have to say that I enjoy this what is now unusual weather, but may not be so as the years go by.

Magnolia beginning to bloom

First hyacinth of Spring(Summer)

The trees are budding everywhere which seems to be bringing joy into the hearts of people all over our community. Don't think I've ever seen as many people walking outside before this unusual weather weekend!

Moneywort in container. Didn't expect this to return this spring, but happy to see it thriving!

Daffodils are everywhere!

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