Sunshine Award – Blogs That Inspire Me

Thank you to Wit Continuum for honoring me with the Sunshine Award a few days ago. The award asks the recipient to answer a few short interview questions and present it to 10 other blogs.

I’ll start with my answers to the questions:

Favorite colors:  I have to break this up further  Fashion colors – Black,White, Silver, Gold, French Blue, Persimmon Red, Royal Purple.  Nature Colors: Seashell Pink, Olive and Sage Green, Silver, Papaya Red, Red Rocks of Sedona

Favorite animal: Dogs for companions, Wild bears from a distance

Favorite number: 2

Favorite Non-alcoholic beverage: Strawberry, Coconut and Banana Smoothie

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter

My Passion:  Nature, Fashion, Road trips to national parks, Sustainability, Learning to play the piano, Artful living

Prefer giving or receiving gifts: Giving

Favorite pattern: Nebula

Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday

Favorite Flower: Lily of the Valley

The questions seem silly to me, but the award is perfect timing because I have wanted to write a post about motivational blogs for quite some time.

First of all, I am trying to expand my blog reading, so it’s tough to choose which ones bring sunshine into my life – because frankly so many do in different ways.  But all of us have time constraints, so I’m sharing the blogs that give me something fresh every time I read them, and usually I’ve been following these folks for more than 6 months.

Someone asked me to recommend blogs to read for encouraging the writer’s journey.

I haven’t done all the research that I should do about that topic, partially because I’m interested in people who write about more than writing and include musings about life and their spiritual journey in their blog as well.

The following blogs promote something more than just writing, and help you to discover and “write your destiny”.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that bring sunshine into my life and deserve a Sunshine Award:

Photo Blogs:

  1. Daily Ray of Hope by Sierra Club – Love, love, love the photos and the quotes.  Very easy to read every day and always inspiring.
  2. PhotoBotos.Com – Beautiful pictures and great copy.
  3. Let it Be Lovely – Enjoy the way she pulls together photos, themes and ideas from everywhere.

Inspirational Stories and Daily Wisdom:

  1. Bluegrassnotes – Her real life wisdom and kindness shine through in every post.
  2. Chicks with Ticks – Their hilarious escapades in the wild make we want to do more to restore the earth!
  3. Jen Louden – TI’m taking her Shero class now, it’s wonderful — I love her down to earth, serve and savor wisdom.
  4. Mary Morrissey – Her daily dream builder keeps me going on days when the waters are rising and I don’t seem to have a boat.
  5. Eileen Caddy’s Daily Guidance –  I love to be reminded of Findhorn because it’s my idea of a sustainable, spiritual, kind and fun community that’s deeply connected with the healing energies of the earth.
  6. Zen Habits –  Inspires me to take small steps towards developing better life habits every day.

(Mirth and Motivation would have been on this list, but she just received the Sunshine Award too.)

Marketing and Life:

  1. Seth Godin – He makes me think more deeply about our changing world, especially the world of publishing and manifestos.
  2. Tad Hargrave –  Marketing for Hippies – I’m not quite a hippie, but close.  Tad is very funny, humble, grounded and inspires me that is possible to market our products and services with kindness.

Hope you’ll take the time to check out these blogs and see if they could add something special to your day!

6 thoughts on “Sunshine Award – Blogs That Inspire Me

  1. composerinthegarden says:

    Karen, once again, thanks for visiting! Zen Habits is wonderful, isn’t it? I visit it regularly and it is also a great model for beautiful clean design on a blog. I’m looking forward to visiting your other links, and congratulations on your award!

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