Shy and Authentic

Posted on February 4, 2012


Photo from Live at the Artist's Den

This evening as I was randomly clicking through the shows available on Dish, I stumbled across a show that featured Patty Griffin among other song writers and stopped to watch.   I first became aware of Griffin’s talent when I saw her singing with Robert Plant and the Band of Joy last summer, so I decided to learn more about her individual talent.  On the show, I was surprised to hear Patty Griffin say that she considered herself a shy person lacking in courage.  Not being a performer myself, I couldn’t imagine playing music in front of others the way that she did and not being courageous.  

As she beautifully sang one of her songs, I was so impressed how she could be such an authentic person, not trying to adopt another persona to be more acceptable to popular culture.  From what I’ve seen of her, honesty and vulnerability strengthen her music, and certainly are some of the reasons the audience gave her a standing ovation in the performance shown this evening.  There are also rumors on the web that she married Robert Plant last year — there’s something fun about that idea to me.  He’s a lucky man if that indeed is true.

You never know where you will find inspiration to be more of yourself.  Thank you, Patty Griffin for being shy and authentic and singing your songs.