Karen Wan:

I am loving this blog, and wanted to share it with all of you. So many fun food facts!

Originally posted on Foodimentary - National Food Holidays:

World Nutello Day

Nutello Facts:

A.  Nutella, a chocolate & hazelnut spread, outsells ALL brands of peanut butter worldwide

B.  Hazelnuts were originally used as an inexpensive filler. sales increased and soon became it’s trademark flavor.

C.  In the aftermath of World War 2 Italian stores offered a service called “smearing”, which allowed local children to bring in a slice of bread on which they could have some Nutella spread.

D. In Europe the Nutella jar is usually made of glass, whereas in North America it is made of plastic.

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  1. yogaleigh says:

    I had Nutella for the first time in Italy some years back. It was a few years later that I started seeing it over here all the time. I’ve bought it here but it’s never the same as smearing it on a fresh baked roll in Italy… Thanks for the heads up on the fun blog.

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